Like To Help Us Out ?

Would you like to help us out ?

That’s possible ! We can always use some help with the website and station. Below will be a few things you could help us with. Of course all credits will go to you ! :)

Your Banner On Top Of Our Site ?

Do you create cool or pretty kpop or jpop banners, and would you like to see your banner(s) on top of our pages? Banners have to be in 1000 pixels x 300 pixels size, and in gif, jpg, or png format. You can send your banner(s) to: (at)
For more information or questions, you can also contact us here »

Can you translate Korean or Japanese to English ?

At the moment we are trying to import as much music into our system for your listening enjoyment. But we noticed that our system is not accepting Kanji very well. Installing Asian languages on our system does not seem to work eighter. We can see Kanji perfectly, but eighter the radio-system keeps refusing them, or translating them as “???” question marks. So we mostly try to translate titles to English, so the system will accept them. However, since nobody of us speaks or understands Korean or Japanese, we are asking you for help :) At the moment we need the following albums translated (only the song titles, not the whole lyrics):

オレンジ・キャラメル – ORANGE CARAMEL
Track List:
01. アイン□ [Japan Ver.]
02. 魔法少女 [Japan Ver.]
03. クッキークリーム&ミント
04. BANGKOK CITY [Japan Ver.]
05. LIPSTICK [Japan Ver.]
06. 天使のウィンク
07. ラムのラブソング
08. やさしい悪魔
09. 上海ロマンス [Japan Ver.]
10. 赤いくつ
11. 眠れる森(Nanaソロ曲)
12. すっぱい葡萄(Lizzyソロ曲)
13. 流星とピアス(Rainaソロ曲)

Davichi – Mystic Ballad Part.2
Track List:
01. 한 사람 얘기
02. 둘이서 한잔해
03. 거북이
04. 사랑한다고 말했지
05. 맛 있어서 눈물이나
06. 우리의 시간은 다르다
07. 녹는중 (Feat. 버벌진트)
08. 잔소리
09. 용기내 헤어질래
10. You Are My Everything
11. 둘이서 한잔해 (inst.)
12. 거북이 (inst.)