In this section you can find more information about A.I.R. Radio Freestyle ASIA by diving into the history of a former pirate radiostation or get to know the team members.


Find out more about the history of A.I.R. Radio Freestyle ASIA. The radiostation that started more than 25 years ago as Freestyle. »

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Legal Disclamer

A.I.R. Radio Freestyle ASIA is fully powered by Radionomy and Spacial Audio’s SAM Broadcaster.
We broadcast 24/7 according to Radionomy’s rules.

This internet broadcast is streamed by Radionomy servers situated in Belgium. The royalties on all music played on the station are paid by Radionomy through an agreement with SABAM (SABAM is the Belgian association of authors, composers and publishers). For more information visit Radionomy’s website. If you believe that your copyright was infringed, email freestyle.asia (at) gmail.com , and we will look into the matter. However, please check beforehand to see if copyrights have already been paid by Radionomy to SABAM.
No music is directly streamed or downloadable from this web site.

Radionomy   Spacial Audio SAM Broadcaster